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Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is India’s vibrant tech hub known for its thriving IT industry and diverse cultural scene. It seamlessly blends modernity with a pleasant climate, making it a sought-after destination for work and leisure. In Bengaluru’s enchanting embrace, weddings become a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, creating unforgettable moments amidst the city’s dynamic charm. Imagenesis Photographers is a top-rated wedding photography studio based in Bengaluru, known for capturing the beauty and essence of your special day. As professional wedding photographers in Bengaluru, we understand the significance of your wedding day and strive to deliver the best possible shots that you will treasure forever.

When it comes to your wedding, you deserve nothing but the best. Imagenesis Photographers is renowned for being one of the best wedding photography studios in Bengaluru, with a reputation for excellence and a keen eye for detail. Our team of highly skilled photographers has a wealth of experience and expertise in capturing the most precious moments of your wedding day.

As the best wedding photographers in Bengaluru, we go above and beyond to ensure that your wedding photos are nothing short of perfection. We work closely with you to understand your vision and personal style, ensuring that every shot reflects your unique love story. Our talented team will meticulously plan every aspect of your shoot, ensuring that no moment or emotion goes uncaptured.

Choosing the right wedding photographer is crucial, as they play a vital role in preserving the memories of your special day. Imagenesis Photographers is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring that your wedding day is flawlessly documented. With our expertise and dedication, we will capture every fleeting moment, from the intimate exchanges of vows to the lively celebrations on the dance floor.

Make your wedding day truly unforgettable with Imagenesis Photographers, the best studio for professional wedding photography in Bengaluru. Trust us to transform your cherished moments into stunning visual stories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Get to Know us

At our core, we are a team of passionate artists driven by the desire to capture the essence of every moment. With a deep appreciation for the beauty and chaos of Indian weddings, we strive to create frames that are both stunning and authentic.

Our journey started as a simple sideline photographer, but as our love for wedding photography grew, we made it our full-time commitment in 2016. We believe that every couple deserves the purest form of art, and that’s why we approach every project with fiery avidity.

Our approach is candid and unobtrusive, allowing us to capture your story as it unfolds. With an eye for detail and a love for all things photography, we guarantee to deliver larger-than-life, memorable images that you’ll cherish forever.

We’re passionate, fun-loving, and always ready for the next adventure. So if you’re ready to create some magic together,

We’re ready to be a part of your wedding too…

Services We offer

Traditional Wedding Photography in Bengaluru

Traditional wedding photography is a classic style that focuses on capturing the formal aspects of the wedding ceremony. It involves posed shots of the couple, wedding party, and candid moments of guests enjoying the celebration.

Although some couples prefer a contemporary approach, traditional photography by team imagenesis continues to be a favored choice for those seeking timeless and cherished memories of their special day.

Traditional Wedding Video / Films in Bengaluru

A classic and everlasting approach, traditional wedding videos capture the beautiful moments of your special day. Our skilled videographers excel at preserving the emotions, from the heartfelt speeches to the joyous dances and genuine tears.

Collaborating closely with you, we tailor a personalized wedding video that will be a cherished keepsake throughout your life. Shot in high definition and expertly edited using the latest techniques, our traditional wedding videos are crafted into stunning films that you can proudly share with your loved ones.

Candid Wedding Photography in Bengaluru

Imagenesis Photographers’ candid wedding photographers excel at capturing your special day as it unfolds, eschewing posed or staged photoshoots. If you desire natural, spontaneous, and unscripted images that authentically reflect the emotions of your wedding day, candid photography is the perfect choice for you.

Your wedding photos will be a stunning blend of laughter, joyous tears, and romantic moments, all captured in a genuine and unobtrusive manner. Imagenesis Photographers’ candid professionals possess the art of blending into the background, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to click the shutter. This allows you to relax and fully enjoy your wedding day, knowing that your precious memories are being exquisitely preserved.

Candid Wedding Video / Films in Bengaluru

Imagenesis Photographers’ candid wedding films offer a remarkable way to immortalize your wedding day and serve as a captivating addition to your cherished wedding album. Our candid films are exclusively captured in natural light, showcasing genuine people in authentic moments and sometimes include interviews with the bride and groom, as well as family and friends. These interviews provide insight into the couple’s relationship, as well as their plans for the future. Say goodbye to staged poses, formal family portraits, and artificial smiles.

Instead, you will receive breathtaking footage of your guests genuinely enjoying themselves, and you and your spouse sharing intimate moments. If you seek a truly distinctive and unforgettable means of commemorating your wedding day, candid wedding films provided by Imagenesis Photographers are the perfect choice.

Destination Wedding Photo/Films in Bengaluru

When it comes to destination wedding photography and videography, we believe in capturing the natural beauty of the surroundings, the genuine emotions of your loved ones, and the romantic connection between you and your partner. Our skilled professionals have an eye for detail and are adept at working with natural light to create breathtaking compositions that truly bring your destination wedding to life.

With Imagenesis Photographers, you can expect an exceptional blend of creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail. We understand the significance of your destination wedding and work closely with you to understand your vision, personal style, and the unique elements of your chosen location.

Pre-wedding shoots in Bengaluru

Imagenesis Photographers offers exquisite pre-wedding shoots, capturing unforgettable moments before your wedding day. These sessions provide a delightful opportunity for the bride and groom to create intimate and stunning memories together.

Pre-wedding shoots have gained immense popularity as they allow couples to showcase their unique personality and style. They serve as a platform to express your love story as a couple, and also establish a deeper connection with your photographer, building rapport prior to the main event. Typically lasting between 1-2 hours, these shoots can be conducted at a location of your choice. Many couples opt for a meaningful setting that holds significance to their relationship, adding an extra touch of sentiment to their pre-wedding memories.

Post-wedding shoots in Bengaluru

Imagenesis Photographers offers captivating post-wedding shoots, allowing newlyweds to create lasting memories in their wedding attire. These sessions provide a wonderful opportunity to unwind, have fun, and capture stunning photos.

Post-wedding shoots have gained popularity as they offer couples a chance to explore different themes and styles beyond their traditional wedding photos. Whether you desire whimsical and playful photos or intimate and meaningful moments, our team will tailor the shoot to reflect your unique style and preferences. With a post-wedding shoot, you can create an additional collection of cherished memories from your special day.

Wedding Albums & Coffee Table Books

At Imagenesis Photographers, we truly value the significance of your wedding photos as cherished keepsakes. That’s why we provide an extensive selection of exquisite wedding albums, ensuring your memories are preserved for a lifetime. Whether you prefer classic hardcover albums or contemporary flush-mount albums, we offer a range of styles to cater to every preference. Rest assured that our albums are crafted with high-quality archival paper, guaranteeing their longevity and endurance throughout the years to come. Enquire us to know more about our albums.

Budget / Affordable Wedding Photography Packages in Bengaluru

Capture your special moments without breaking the bank with our affordable wedding photography packages. Our budget-friendly wedding photography packages are designed to ensure you have beautiful memories that fit your wallet. Immerse yourself in the joy of your big day while we capture every heartfelt emotion. Trust us to provide professional services without compromising on quality. Explore our budget wedding photography packages and secure your treasured memories today. Call or Whatsapp us to know more about our packages!

Wedding Films

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Client testimonials

Kerthika Manoj Testimonial

Kerthika & Manoj- Google Reviews

Passionate photographers, took amazing pictures on our function. They where energetic throughout the event and was available from the start till end. Oh yes! Can’t stress more about final output of our “Album” which was extraordinary. Definitely recommend.

Aishwarya & Aniruthaan- Google Reviews

Very good and dedicated work. Photos and videos came out very well. They were very cooperative and friendly moving to capture the best and memorable moments 🙂👌. We thank the entire team for their excellent work

Testimonial Imagenesis
Sheethal Victor Testimonial Imagenesis

Sheethal & Victor- Google Reviews

We really loved the photoshoot, the photographer were really professional and handled things very professionally. A big thank you to the photographer’s team and editing team. Our album was very elegant and the colour’s used was beautiful. On the whole the team work and coordination was really good. All the things was done according to our expectations and requirment.

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